Spending Time With Yourself

While walking back home after watching this fine Christopher Nolan masterpiece – Interstellar, I had a strange realization.

There was a question put up on Quora, upon “How do I go to a movie alone?” and then that strange realization evolved into a beautiful feeling. The quality of time you spend with yourself.

This is what I wrote as the answer,

“I watched Interstellar and Annabelle alone . For the matter of fact I was among those 5 people who watched Annabelle at that show 😀

For all the movies I went alone, I had this usual feeling that you are having but when I left out I discovered something new. And that something new was a precious quality. That’s enjoying the time with the real you.

nayahai   When you go out with your friends trying to ‘fit’ in according to their taste watching a movie which maybe you don’t want to see and you are just going because your friends asked you to, or because you want to maintain a healthy social life and get clicked in that next ‘groupie’ at XYZ cinemas/cool hangout place while you get featured on social network and grab some attention.

My friend, the time you spend with people around is not always the real person you are, its a mask that you are wearing. You laugh at some silly joke in the movie just because everyone else is. You try to buy a drink for your crush hoping that others who have crush on her hopefully fade away. You try wearing fine dress, to please the phonies around and fixing your sense of humor and IQ according to their standards and lying to yourself that you are being yourself the most with your ‘close’ friends.

There is an old Japanese saying – Every person has three faces. One which he shows the world, one which he shows to people close to him and one which he actually is and nobody knows.

Sometimes this ‘nobody’ includes even you. Yeah, its weird, maybe you yourself have never know who and what as a person you are. Then this is the time that you spend with yourself is the time when you are really you.

Have you ever tried roaming on beaches alone, watching the sunset, feeling the breeze. Have you ever tried to look into your eyes and realize yourself. These are some subtle moments that we ignore because we feel that everything outside is the Universe, but the truth is there lies more depth inside.

While I was watching Interstellar, I never felt for a second that I am alone, for all those characters playing in my mind. I was not bound to react on any occasion. I was the only critic there and everything my senses were feeling were experienced and judged by me and not by spectacles of others. I actually felt every moment of that movie, and that new experience was soothing. Watching a movie with no one to judge your intelligence, sense of humor and thoughts is really a superior experience.


Watching movie is just one part or one way of how you construct your ideas and not get influenced by people. Maybe I have used some complex philosophical approach to convince you, but the bottom line is do not underestimate the quality of time you spend with yourself. It is the most precious moment of your life when you realize the joy in self content and find true satisfaction. Requirement of friends to share moments of joy is a luxury not a necessity. Make yourself as your best friend and you will never have to frown again in your life.

This is a bite of knowledge what Buddha says –
The root cause of pain is either desire or attachment. If you have to attain peace, you need to have control over both.

In this case we eliminate the cause of external attachment and gain immunity over social dependence for happiness, realizing inner peace is the birthplace of all the pleasures in the Universe.

It is so evident that the world outside we see, is not meant to be pleased. Its we who have to absorb the nectar and extract the honey out of it.

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