The Song Of Success

The last time we met you were just born
A victor, from mother’s womb
You mustn’t have known me then
Its, when in your youth…
The desire the dreams the emotions the fame
They chased me down the lane,
Of just and ill, darkness and despair…
And what I gave them lonesome
Ridiculed life of corrupt air
Since ages I am the drug for men
Some for the damsels and some for chair
They have known me to numb their wits
Their lives have been my slaves
In the caves and in the palaces
I rule everywhere

My empire is was unchallengeable
Unbreakable unshakable, no living or dead
In their wildest of dreams, could tread
To raise a finger being aware

But, then somehow, you…yes you…
who are you…managed to escape my charm
An unambitious soul in a skin of dirt
How did you! How did you dare

Where did you find it,
what some others wise say – Inner Peace
The calmness, the satisfaction
The divine desire of truth and care

I, sometimes feel ashamed and sometimes so humble
Of losing to a mortal, but yes living being…
It cant be just you, its the power of being
A lover of wisdom, the lets me you spare

I bow, I bow before strength of Wisdom
The soul the Universe, the prime force of existence
You made me –  The desire of Success feel insignificant
For I shall be your devotee forever


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