What makes people go for a monotonous engineering/IT career rather turning their passion (like sports, music or arts) into a career?

Answer by Abhijit Zimare:

I beg to differ on a few points stated by Balaji Viswanathan, though most of the part was agreeable.

These are some of my viewpoints.

  • We live in a world where there are predefined norms. You have to do things that please industries so as to earn wealth. Playing music, painting and other activities you mentioned may pay you, but its not widely appreciated. As these are the professions where the probability of earning a lot of money is slim.
  • Lets consider you are man of passion and you do perceive something that you love. Commendable. I respect you really. The problem is there are no systems to absorb such talent. There is no set mechanism through which you can contact the concerned music directors or please the selectors. Well yes, there are talent shows and school/university competitions and other junior level competitions where you can shine and come to limelight.
  • But the society is not going to take that sort of talent very seriously. Its not their problem as a whole. Its how society is moulded. Even in schools, Mathematics and Language were given more preference than Arts and Sports. There is no particular reason of why a kind of skill has to be inferior to another.
  • So where does this all come down to. Its up to how you market your skills. Just possessing the skill is not going to make things work. You definitely need to have the spark to pass on the passion to the people around you.
  • Lets consider a hypothetical case where 5000 years back, you invented a sport, in which people have run behind a ball and kick it in a net. And once done shout like insane. If you take this discovery of yours and try to convince people of 2500 BC they will think you are a fool. "What's the bloody big deal kick a ball of air and putting it in nets ? Are you nuts ? You must rather learn farming its the most happening thing in mankind nowadays! Get over this dumb thing you do…kicking round bags and shouting around." Isn't that very convincing? But in 21st century if you're damn good at football people will worship you. That's because there are people who 'believe' that what you do is something awesome.
  • If you can make people believe that what you do is something awesome, people will follow you, if not worship like some of these demigods. Awesomeness is contagious!
  • I personally feel that even collecting stamps is not a waste skill. You must know how to turn that into business. No wonder you become a reknowned artifacts genius someday!
  • From a personal viewpoint, I love people who love their work. There is no shame. Learn some of the tricks these gentleman of today use to earn some money to pursue things that you love. There is something called as 'coding'. Its pretty much a fad nowadays like farming was in 2500 BC.  Make some cash, support yourself. Create something awesome.
  • If life was a business, passion is the currency that runs it. Its OK to stick to market trends so that you have enough to introduce a new product in market. You are low on risk factors there.
  • Honestly speaking, homo sapiens is a foolish species. It knows nothing and speculates a lot of things on how things are supposed to be and how things should work. There are no rules! Firm and clear! If you are influential enough people will follow and believe the shittiest thing you say. But for that you have to prove yourself on the basis of society's norms. And then change the prerequisites.
  • I request you. Don't lose your passion. Its a gift. Very rarely do people realise what they are here for.

I hope you get my point! Good Luck!

What makes people go for a monotonous engineering/IT career rather turning their passion (like sports, music or arts) into a career?


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