Mega Gardevior

Top 10 Non Legendary Pokemons (7-10)


Pokemon franchise has ruled the hearts of children all over the world for two decades. Its has been a constant debate that which Pokemon is the strongest of all? From season one Mewtwo steals the show with a staggering stat of an overall 680. As far as non legendaries are concerned Dragonite has been into our list of most loved Pokemons. Besides Absol, Gengar, Charizard, Torterra and many others have been the most loved Pokemons of kids all over.

As far as legendaries are concerned Arceus and his all round type family takes the spotlight along with Mega Mewtwo, Mega Rayquaza and a few other prominent ones. But what about the non legendaries.Let’s check the list of the top 10 Non-Legendary Pokemons of ALL times!

This list has been created after very deep study and experience of battling pokemons, along with their stats, their abilities, movesets and design is taken into consideration too.

Check your favorite one ! This time we are reviewing No. 10



Stats :


Dragon types are vulnerable against fairy types. Mega Altaria clearly has type advantage here, being immune to all Dragon type moves.Being a dragon type, it also significantly cuts down Fire, Grass, Electric, Water, Fighting, Dark, Bug types attacks. Now that’s seriously a long list of attacks. It adds to its resume the special ability Pixilate.

Special Ability - 
Pixilate : Causes all Normal-type attacking moves used by the ability-bearer to become Fairy-type.
Hidden Abilities -
Natural Cure: When you switch the Pokemon it heals its status condition
Cloud Nine : Negates weather conditions to affect the Pokemon.

So, that means you can kill a Dragon type by merely using a move like Facade, which is a normal type. Isn’t that just awesome!

Design : As far as the design is concerned Mega Altaria has an average design making it just enough to look good. Altaria evolves from Swablu.It has a cottony fur that has just overgrown, gameFreak should have worked more on its looks just as Mega Pidgeot. Swablu is a Normal-Flying type. Being as strong as a Fairy-Dragon is a great leap. That makes it eligible into top 10 along with its special ability Pixilate.

Strategy and Movesets :

Dragon Dance / Dragon Rush               EVs : 252 HPs/ 252 Atk / 4Sp Atk
Hyper Voice                              Item : Altarianite
Earthquake                               Nature : Adamant / Jolly
Roost / FireBlast                        Ability : Pixilate

So Folks That’s our No. 10 – MEGA ALTARIA


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