The Gist of My Life

This is an answer to a Question asked on Quora  : “I don’t want to be the second best . but no matter how much I try I am never able to take down the first one . what do I do?”

The answer I wrote to this question has a gist of the most closest and insightful moments of my life

I remember some very interesting stories from my childhood days. I never came first in my class. Till second grade I was a very average student. The one ho scores 70% or lower grades. But, then I decided to work hard (because dad had promised me to get a new bike if I come first.)
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Spending Time With Yourself

While walking back home after watching this fine Christopher Nolan masterpiece – Interstellar, I had a strange realization.

There was a question put up on Quora, upon “How do I go to a movie alone?” and then that strange realization evolved into a beautiful feeling. The quality of time you spend with yourself.

This is what I wrote as the answer,

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Some Easy Ways to Get Smarter

This post contains all tried and tested methods by me. Being a psychology enthusiast, I have made a detailed study in each of the methods, so can rely before following them. Personally, I average IQ 140, and I have tried most of the things possible and available for improving intellect.

There are three important aspects of getting smarter.
– Identifying Patterns
– Memory
– Calculations

Everything listed below is tried and tested by me for 7 years. There are valid reasons provided to understand the concepts. Hopefully it helps.

See how it works ->

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