Living it my way – Story of genius

This is a true story.

One of my senior from IIT bagged a heavy package. I had hardly met him. People generalize lives of other people thinking about others achievements. Once I happened to see him and we had some great exchange of ideas, what happened in those 20 minutes changed my perspective forever. Quora
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The Gist of My Life

This is an answer to a Question asked on Quora  : “I don’t want to be the second best . but no matter how much I try I am never able to take down the first one . what do I do?”

The answer I wrote to this question has a gist of the most closest and insightful moments of my life

I remember some very interesting stories from my childhood days. I never came first in my class. Till second grade I was a very average student. The one ho scores 70% or lower grades. But, then I decided to work hard (because dad had promised me to get a new bike if I come first.)
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